Screen Printing

Screen Printing is one of the most popular styles of garment decoration available today. This popularity comes from many of the unique advantages that screen printing offers. Screen printing allows for incredibly detailed, versatile, and vivid prints on just about any type of garment or material. Screen printed images tend to be more visually appealing as well as more durable and long lasting than some other types of garment decoration. Additionaly, the screen printing process is very effeciant for long run and large size orders, making it a fantastic way to produce large quantities of custom merchandise at a very cost effefctive price.

Our screen printing capabilities at MerchDoctor allow us to handle any size job, whether it’s 10 shirts or 10,000, while delivering on some of the best prices in the industry. We can print on and customize almost any type of garment and location including shirts, sleeves, hoods, pants, shorts, bags and more!  We are capable of printing full color jobs, CMYK four color process, simulated process, discharge ink, foil prints and more! We would be honored to help you with your next custom merchandise order, contact us for a free quote!