MerchDoctor is the one-stop cure for all of your merchandising needs! We are a total solutions provider of top quality, customized merchandise and apparel for consumers of all type and size. It is our aim to make the task of creating and obtaining custom printed merchandise a fun, simple, and exciting act for all parties involved!

The bones and foundation of MerchDoctor began back in 2012 by lead visionary Bryan Staley. As a touring musician, Bryan understood the importance of having high-quality and affordable merchandise that the customer can rely on. He paired this with the need for easy-going friendly customer service, attention to detail, and the passion to seeing his clients succeed, and through this MerchDoctor was born.

MerchDoctor is about far more than just supplying you with custom printed apparel and merchandise. We are here to help you grow your brand or business in the best way possible. From concept to finished product, we are here to help every step of the way. We can help you capture the passion and excitement you have for your brand, band, business, or event and translate it into the perfect new shirt to reflect your vision! We believe that buying custom merchandise should be a fun, simple, and exciting process that leaves you feeling satisfied, and with money still left in your pocket.